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Breastfeeding Services

During this important time I support you through your journey of breastfeeding. Many changes happen in the first 40 days after birth. Make life easier and get this support as well. 

See my packages below.

Lactaction Consultation

Mother Baby Bonding


During a lactation consultation, we will discuss any questions or concerns that you have, go over latching issues, and any techniques that can be helpful for your situation. I dedicate my time to help you navigate through your struggles, so you are not overwhelmed and feel confident in this journey!

Includes Support With:

Breastfeeding Questions




$45 per hour

Breastmilk Support


1 Hospital or Home Visit (days 1-3)
1 in home visit (days 4-14)
3 weeks of Text and Email Support



Image by Junior REIS

Back-to-Work Support

Breast Milk Pump

Personalized Plan for Breastfeeding Goals and Workplace Requirements

Breast Pump Help

Evidence-Based Information on Milk Collection & Storage

2 Phone/Email Support Sessions



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