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Doulaing for the Holidays Part 1

Hi, I haven't had a chance to write a blog post lately - so the holidays are right around the corner and in fact it snowed here! What fun! Gets you in the mood for holiday cheer!

So, what is it like to do doula work around the holidays? What are things that might come up?

Inductions! That is a big thing that may come up more often. The doctors are not having the mother's best interest in mind. They want to sell the idea of getting the baby out before Christmas instead of waiting for baby to come on his/her own timing. So, if you have a client due in December, make sure she knows her "informed consent" when it comes to inductions. Be more prepared to fight this (esp. if that is what your client wants to have a natural birth) then this is one thing you both can fight together. Gather all the evidence based research (in fact go to Evidence Based Birth(c) if you want more info about inductions). Make sure your client's doctor knows she does not want an induction. Make sure he/she is agreeable. Then let nature takes its course and yes it is OK to have a baby on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day - Jesus was born on that day - why not share that day with Jesus' birth?! (Hey, I am Christian so please excuse if you are not into this).

After the baby arrives (on his/her own timing), celebrate your client's birth with an extra special gift for her birthing around the holidays. If your client is Christian, you may want to gift them a special Christmas onesie for the baby for instance! Get creative for your gift giving for clients! If your baby is Jewish, I am sure the mom may enjoy something along that theme as well.

Anyway, just remember to stand your ground when it comes to holidays and doulaing! Inductions should only be done for real true reasons, not because of the holidays!

By Julie Larsen

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