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Doulaing for the holidays part 2 (what to give?)

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

So, I wrote doulaing for the holidays part one the other day. Now, I know it might be a little "late" for some to think about gift giving, but in our family we celebrate the 12 days of Christmas and that starts on Christmas day and goes through Epiphany (January 6th).

Now, if you are doulaing for the holidays, you may want to know about some gifts to give to your clients or past clients or even other doula friends (yeah, doula stuff)!

Your doula clients may enjoy a birth ball or peanut ball for a Christmas gift - esp. if they are due after Christmas or next year! The birth ball is great for mamas who plan a natural delivery and want to bounce on a ball during labor. Note, you need to get the right size. If the mama is my size (5 foot 3 inches or shorter) then she needs a 55 or 65 cm ball (I recommend 65 because I tired a 55 one and it seemed too small). The 65 cm ball may work up to around 5' 6 inches or so. After that mama needs to switch to a 75 cm ball. Or have mama test it out and see what is comfortable for her. You can also buy covers for the birth balls if she already has a birth ball for instance! Peanut balls are going to be for mamas choosing a epidural for labor. She will be tied down more but the peanut ball is something she can "ride on" during labor and use for early pushing or just opening up.

Christmas Cookies - who doesn't enjoy a Christmas cookie - this gift idea can be for any doula or mama!! You can get an "ultrasound" cookie cutter, baby out fit cookie cutter, or other doula style cookie cutters. There's even a pregnancy cookie cutter. Check or other places for cute styles. Here's an example of one of the cookie cutters:

Next, buy a cute baby onesie for the baby you doulaed for recently! Baby onesies come in all kinds of designs. Here's an example of a doula design:

You can also buy a doula T-shirt for a doula friend - perhaps she is a friend that helped you out as a back up or whatever! Doula T-shirts are fun items to give as gifts. There's ALL kinds of doula t-shirts available. Here's an example:

Anyway, I hope these ideas get you buying something or cooking cookies for a client! After all it is not too late to bake some cookies and gift a recent doula client!

by Julie Larsen - owner of the Blog

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