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Updated: Oct 20

There's natural ways to become fertile if you need a little help!

Fertility herbs are somewhat a "hidden secret" I guess for women to learn about. And yes, there are herbs men can take as well!

One note of caution before we mention some fertility herbs to try out - remember that herbs should only be taken under a doctor or midwife's direction or a certified herbalist direction. The advise in this article is not meant to replace what your doctor says to do. Also, some fertility herbs sometimes can cause miscarriages (I know kind of weird or crazy) - so if you suspect you are pregnant - then stop the herbs immediately! Always go "light on herbs" if you are unsure about dosage - "less is more".

Recommended Fertility Herbs For Hormone Imbalance:

Evening Primrose oil, cinnamon, red clover, vitex, Ashwagandha, Dong quai, red raspberry leaf.

Fertility herbs for irregular cycles or anovulation:

Ashwagandha, Black cohosh, false unicorn, vitex, cinnamon, yarrow, red raspberry leaf


Herbs that can help PCOS:

Ashwagandha, cinnamon, tribulus, maca

Increasing sperm count:

Maca, tribulus, asparagus

I know asparagus is more like a vegetable – so some vegetables can help you get pregnant!

More tips that you can try for fertility:

1. Get out in the sun so you can get more Vitamin D.

2. Go for walks and exercise more! Light weightlifting and focus on your posture can help.

3. Womb massage can help. This is something that you should learn how to do with a specific course or in person.

4. Drink water – make sure you are not dehydrated.

5. Eat less wheat products and refined sugars – you may want to try a gluten free diet!

Some foods that you can try out:

6. Pomegranates or drinking the juice can help as they are full of antioxidants.

7. Olive oil or avocado oil.

8. Eat Avocados!

If you are interested in a fertility nutrition course, my friend is creating such a class for mamas and if you want to get on a wait list for that email holisticbirthacademy@gmail.com to get on that waiting list. The class will focus on helping women in their 30's-40's still achieve natural fertility with nutritional help. However, any age woman is welcome. The class will be at Thinkific platform.


Sydney Pauker is a Certified Doula and Breast Feeding Counselor that has proudly served Phoenix, Arizona and the surrounding areas since 2017. She considers it an honor to share her expertise, experiences, and passion for birth with expecting families and looks forward to supporting you!

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