Money Mindset - for doulas

OK, so I am borrowing these money secret tips from my friend Joe Vitale - he has a bigger book titled "Secrets of Attracting Money" if you want to read more!

#1 Give money away! I know this one sounds a bit crazy for our first tip. But don't you feel better when you help other people out? I'll give an example - true story: I was at Whole Foods parking lot and I saw a couple with a child there. The man was playing the violin (attracted me to them instantly) - it was so beautiful - he was playing that son "Hallelujah!" Well, of course I threw something into his violin case (first time ever!) It was exciting to help someone out!

#2 Get Clear: This is a practice that Joe explains more into detail in his book - but the basic idea is clearing your beliefs about money that are not helping you attract it to begin with. You probably grew up hearing expressions like "money is root of all evil" or whatever the case maybe. He suggests writing down - what is the "positive benefit" for having this thought? So, you say well it "protects me from being hurt". Then you ask what is the positive benefit from the above saying? Then you see it "keeps you safe" (supposedly), etc. You will figure out after awhile that you are not really benefiting from this belief at all. So, then you let it go. For me, I'd probably throw out that piece of paper and maybe write down some positive aspects of money. But anyway, I hope this gives you an idea on how to clear your beliefs about money. I suggest doing this once a day or once a week.

#3 Secret: Take Action NOW about money or ideas, etc.

So, like you have an idea then write it down and take action now if you can! Or write down steps of action taking. Taking action now will help you get more money!

#4 Support a Cause: Sometimes people do not like having money without a cause to give to. Well, this is a win-win for you and others. If you have a cause and reason to give - then you can support this cause. Mr. Joe Vitale started a program to stop homelessness. He was homeless at one time and he had a passion to help stop this. So, helps other people in similar situations! You don't have to make your own "cause" up though. Perhaps, you have a cause because you beat cancer - then you can support a cancer association for instance. So, write down a meaningful cause that you want to support.

#5 Get Support.

If you are wanting to bring more money into your life, having a coach can help. Also, friends that share the same ideas. A spouse or friend that can be there for emotional support. In other words a "doula for the doula" in our case as doulas! LOLOL :)

#6 Be Grateful - Gratitude

Take time each day to be grateful about something. Thank God for it! Write it down what you are grateful for. Because having a joyful gratitude kind of attitude will bring about more money to you!

#7 Do What you love!

What would you do if you had all the money you needed, all the cars you wanted to drive, the house you wanted to live in...etc.

#8 Elevate Your Thinking

Think like a Millionaire.

#9 Problems Create Opportunities

Think about people's problems and try to solve them!

That's it for today - note this blog post is by Julie Larsen of - Guest Writer- Thank you!

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