Self-Care for doulas!

My back went out this week, and I wanted to talk about self-care and doulaing!

We take care of families and mothers and babies, but do we take care of ourselves?

If your body is telling you to slow down- then maybe that's what you need to do - slow down.

Self-care tips:

Make at least a short daily routine - brush your hair extra long, take a nice bath in bubbles, or just take a nap. Choose something that doesn't take too much time. Weekly, get a massage or chiropractic adjustment - or whatever your body needs to stay in alignment more. For me it seems chiropractic works best. However, I like a good massage once in awhile too.

Another self-care idea - go for short walks around your neighborhood - hey, you might find someone pregnant! Anyway, take time to enjoy nature.

As far as finding clients go - for one short tip - get on a midwifery referral list. They are more likely to refer clients to doulas!

What are you going to do today for self-care?

And stop worrying - that is not good for your body - if you have worries - practice some breathing exercises!

Another thing you might want to consider is having essential oils from Simply Earth on hand. This oil company is a non-MLM and great place to get organic or natural oils:

Another thing you might consider is taking an herbal class to learn more about herbs for your clients. (Taking classes can be fun and self-care!)

We recommend Hart Soul Healing's Mama Herbal course:

All for today's blog - check back soon for more. Thanks!

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