What's a bereavement doula?

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What is a bereavement doula?

A bereavement doula helps families with miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss. A bereavement doula will usually help families by going to an induction for a stillbirth for example, helping with a miscarriage (at hospital or home), help get meals set up for the bereaved family, help with funeral information, etc. The bereavement doula is there for induration of what the family needs and she also may provide a small care package. Usually bereavement doulas work "pro-bono" so to speak, but will take donations for their travel or time.

If you are a person who's been thinking about becoming a bereavement doula and would like to entertain the idea of training. There's a non-denominational training that is complete with recordings for you to listen to and it is called Noelani Bereavement Doula course. You can go here to this website to get information: https://noelanidoula.weebly.com/bereavement-info.html#/

If you want to enroll please message holisticbirthacademy@gmail.com for further information. I believe the payment links need to be reset. Thank you.

If you are a mother wanting a bereavement doula - we are putting together a directory! There are probably not anyone yet on our list - but you may contact below and get more information. Thank you. See below for continuing our article...

Bereavement doula directory:

I am currently putting together a bereavement doula directory - however, when contacting me - you need to reply - as I need to get your information that you want to list - so if you are a bereavement doula-see info below:


Business Name

City or Area you serve and State

A mini-bio or credentials of your bereavement certification

This way parents can find you and know where you serve at.

To join the bereavement doula directory go here: https://ourladysmantledoula.weebly.com/doula-directory.html

Parents can book mark this directory and we will post listings soon - thanks for your patience.

God Bless,

Julie ;)

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