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Postpartum Doula Services

Would you like a wonderful postpartum experience? - I have some great options for you.

I am currently a certified postpartum Doula through Holistic Natural Birth Academy, I also have experience helping in the postpartum stage.

During each postpartum visit, I check in with both parents to see how the transition with a newborn is going and answer any questions or concerns they may have. I will help with minor task around the house and help with baby when mom needs a break/nap. I will be there to discuss any baby needs and information that parents will want. 

Once you book my services, we will sit down and work out a schedule and list for your postpartum visits.
These needs may change from day to day so I am flexible. 

Image by Christian Bowen

Basic Service Fee

Basic Postpartum Package

Postpartum Doula Services.

Support during the day ($35/h)

Support During the day ($40/h)



Nutritional Doula Package


A week worth of meals
3 Meals made by me

Pantry Walk via Phone or Zoom - Prior to Arrival of Baby

4 hours a day of postpartum support 



Nutrional Doula Package

Really a great deal and value - worth $$$ lot more! 

Two or Three Week Package

Week two or three postpartum package

Would you like to be pampered for a bit longer than one week? This package is for your benefit! 


Pantry Walk Through
Meal Planning 
Postpartum Doula Support 4 hours a day.


Choose 2 weeks for: $1,080

Choose 3 weeks for:  $1,620 

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